Green Lake turns white

“I’m soaked,” I yelped, water dripping from my cheeks and pooling in my kayak seat. I swiped at the water droplets covering my leggings, but the strong wind discouraged much of a pause in my paddling. “Where did this wind come from? It came up so suddenly,” muttered Greg as we scanned the lake, now... Continue Reading →

Bon voyage on the Baraboo River

“Is that our take-out bridge? No way! I want to keep going,” I griped, just over two hours into our journey down the Baraboo River from North Freedom Park on South Linn Street in North Freedom to Geise Park on Hatchery Road in Baraboo, a trip we’d anticipated would take 3-4 hours. I mildly negotiated... Continue Reading →

In search of eagles

“Where do you want to go?” asked my cousin Kelli as we made plans to go kayaking. My mind whirled in response. I had the day off and the weather was going to be hot, the winds calm. I wanted to try somewhere new and was willing to drive a couple of hours to get... Continue Reading →

Why do you kayak?

I enjoy getting to know people and learning about their lives and passions. For my cousin Kelli, one of those passions is kayaking, which is one of many things we have in common. Kelli and I purchased our kayaks about the same time, but since we live more than two hours apart, we rarely get... Continue Reading →

Puppy’s first kayaking trip

Meet Gill! This 9-week-old French bulldog is my new “grand-dog,” “son” of my daughter Rebecca and her boyfriend, Ryan. Rebecca loves to kayak and Ryan is an avid fisherman, so this pup needs to learn to enjoy the water as much as the rest of his family. Frenchies are not built for swimming, so a... Continue Reading →

Taking time to float

Sunny, 80 degrees and almost no breeze—this summer day is too perfect to stay home. Greg and I launch our kayaks on the north side of Lake Mendota. The lake is flat, the only waves caused by the parade of boats motoring through the no-wake zone toward open waters. It’s rare to find this big... Continue Reading →

Maybe we should have stayed home

“Maybe we should have stayed home,” I thought as I paddled into the gusty wind, waves occasionally splashing over the front of my kayak and into my face. It was a sunny Saturday and I had looked forward to kayaking all week. I’d been monitoring the wind speeds since I’d awoken, worried about driving 45... Continue Reading →

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