Experiencing fall at its best

One of my favorite places in the autumn is northern Wisconsin, particularly the Three Lakes and Eagle River area. I have wonderful memories of time spent there with family and friends, and the thought of missing a fall trip “Up North” makes my heart ache. So, as if our September and October weren’t busy enough,... Continue Reading →

Sea Kayaking in Acadia National Park

“Should we just turn around now?” joked our kayaking guide, Scott, shortly into our kayaking trip near Acadia National Park on Thursday, Sept. 16. Our quest to see a variety of wildlife in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Maine had already been fulfilled on a day Scott described as “idyllic” for kayaking and wildlife viewing.... Continue Reading →

Resting on the Water

My computer and I are never apart for long during the work week. I’m focused on completing my projects and strategizing the days ahead, and the hours whiz by. Five o’clock arrives, and I’m trying to “get just one more thing done” before signing off for the day and rushing to the kitchen to devour... Continue Reading →

Moseying along the Maunesha

Ninety degrees and an afternoon off of work. What to do? Where to go? Kayaking, of course! I rounded up a couple of friends—Paula and Sandy—who happened to also have a free afternoon, and hightailed it out of work right at noon to hitch up the kayak trailer and hit the road. Not wishing to... Continue Reading →

Kayaking before the snow

I’m part of a few Facebook kayaking groups, and through these groups, I’ve seen numerous photos of people out paddling all month long—and I’ve wanted to do the same! I finally got my chance this past Sunday, Nov. 22 when my calendar was open and the weather was cooperative. While thick, gray clouds filled the... Continue Reading →

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