No more powerlifting

Maybe my husband hates to see me struggle. While that may be part of it, I think it’s more likely that he’s seething over the scratches on top of our Honda Pilot caused by the scraping of the kayaks as I heave them overhead, one by one, groaning and teetering as I aim for the... Continue Reading →

It’s not about the kayaking

This past weekend, I reserved an afternoon for much-needed “girlfriend” time. As soon as I knew I had a commitment-free day, I mentioned it to my friend and she quickly said she was in for kayaking. I loaded the kayaks around lunchtime, picked her up and a short while later, we were launching the kayaks... Continue Reading →

On the water again

“Last Saturday, we had a winter weather advisory and a few inches of snow, and this Saturday, we’re going kayaking,” I commented to my husband and daughter as we pulled out of our driveway with three kayaks atop our Honda Pilot. Wisconsin weather! A day like Saturday—when it was sunny and 65 degrees—is well earned... Continue Reading →

How to use kayaking as a mindfulness practice

Lately, I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness. It is indeed a practice, therefore, something you have to do over and over again to get better. While honestly, I’m not that great at it (yet!), I am working on being more attentive of experiences and feelings in the present moment. To me, mindfulness is recognizing the... Continue Reading →

Two + Two = More Fun

Owning two kayaks means I can only take one person kayaking with me at a time. And let’s just say that’s caused some strife and resentment among certain family members on beautiful summer days! One solution has been to launch our kayaks from a place that offers kayak rentals. Another solution is to buy additional... Continue Reading →

Paddle On

A busy week and I’m excited for a Friday afternoon escape to the lake with my daughter. We load our kayaks and drive north a short distance. We unload the kayaks along the shore and grab the waterproof bag. In goes the water bottles, tissues and snacks. I grab the sunscreen, then toss it back... Continue Reading →

Taking on the Yahara River, Round 2

When I first kayaked the Yahara River, its shallowness was the main factor in deterring me from paddling it again. Therefore, this past August when record rainfall hit Dane County and flooding closed roads and damaged numerous homes and businesses, the depth of the Yahara River between DeForest and Windsor was much more appealing. Over... Continue Reading →

Kayaking under the Saguaros

 “I just need a break,” I said to my family and friends – from work, long hours, restless nights; from being on the go for too long; from multi-tasking my way through the day to accomplish everything I need to do; from the long, hard Wisconsin winter; from being cold even in my parka and... Continue Reading →

Taking on the Yahara River, Round 1

One spring day while walking along the Upper Yahara River Trail between Windsor and DeForest, my daughter Rebecca and I spotted a kayaker quietly making her way down the Yahara River. We both looked at each other excitedly. We had yet to consider kayaking the river, but seeing the woman in her kayak, we vowed... Continue Reading →

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