Two + Two = More Fun

Owning two kayaks means I can only take one person kayaking with me at a time. And let’s just say that’s caused some strife and resentment among certain family members on beautiful summer days! One solution has been to launch our kayaks from a place that offers kayak rentals. Another solution is to buy additional kayaks, which we’ve seriously debated for the past year.

Well, we finally made the leap! We purchased two additional kayaks. The price was right, a price we knew we could justify over 1-2 years of fewer rentals—and increased family peace. Having a larger fleet of kayaks means we have more opportunities for family outings, more opportunities to bring along friends, and more opportunities for fun.

The kayaks are basic 10-feet Pelican sit-on-tops, nothing fancy and similar to the ones we rented for the day in Arizona’s Lake Saguaro last month.

Now more than ever, we are excited to kick off kayaking season! Want to come along for a ride? We’ve got the kayaks if you’ve got the time.

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  1. OK just to let you know how little I know about kayaks I thought they just came in one size. Also never knew there are sit in kind & sit on top. I am learning so much from your blog.🙂


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