It’s not about the kayaking

This past weekend, I reserved an afternoon for much-needed “girlfriend” time. As soon as I knew I had a commitment-free day, I mentioned it to my friend and she quickly said she was in for kayaking.

I loaded the kayaks around lunchtime, picked her up and a short while later, we were launching the kayaks into a nearby lake. We paddled and talked nonstop, catching up on everything from work and travels to people and food. I believe we could have circled the lake and still had enough to talk about—and it’s a good size lake!

The two of us have been kayaking together since I started kayaking a few years ago. Our first time out on the water, we shared a double kayak. The rental employee gave us 60-second lesson (just turn your paddles in the shape of an 8) and pushed us into the water. From there, we kind of figured it out on our own. We got a little better each time we went kayaking. Since then, we’ve kayaked on four different lakes and a couple of rivers, and made many great memories!

A couple of memorable moments include:

  • When I loaded the kayaks, but forgot the paddles at home. (How embarrassing!)
  • When the water was so rough, waves were crashing OVER our kayaks, and while we paddled furiously, it felt like we weren’t moving forward at all! (Mis-er-able!)

Fortunately, we still like to kayak together! Our friendship was truly the inspiration behind my decision to buy two kayaks (rather than only one) because what good would one kayak be if I couldn’t bring along a friend?

The two of us became great friends while working together the past eight years. We both came to the realization on our own at different times in our life that we can’t depend on our husbands to want to do or enjoy the same things we like to do. Therefore, girlfriends are key to our happiness—not a nice-to-have but a true necessity! There are just some conversations you can’t have with your husband… and there are activities that we like to do and events we like to attend that our men do not. It’s nice to know we always have each other for long walks and talks, kayaking adventures, midday coffee/tea runs, shopping and sipping wine.

We love our “girlfriend” time, and while kayaking worked loose the tension from our shoulders and gave us a good dose of exercise and fresh air to help us sleep through the night, our afternoon together was about much more than kayaking. It’s about spending time with people we care about… venting, laughing, dreaming…  building our relationship and celebrating our friendship. Kayaking is just the perfect way to do it.

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