No more powerlifting

Maybe my husband hates to see me struggle. While that may be part of it, I think it’s more likely that he’s seething over the scratches on top of our Honda Pilot caused by the scraping of the kayaks as I heave them overhead, one by one, groaning and teetering as I aim for the kayak rack, not always succeeding on the first attempt, resulting in tiny scratches on the top of the vehicle where the kayak momentarily rests. Please give me some credit—I’m not scraping a shiny new car, but instead an 8-year-old vehicle with 115,000 miles! However, don’t get me wrong: I am very careful and try hard to avoid touching the top of the car, but unfortunately, it happens (and if you know my husband, you know this is NOT good).

Loading the kayaks onto the car top carrier, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is not an easy job for a 5’8” woman (compared to a 6’3” man). And while it’s not something I even try on my own, the assistance of my co-kayaker doesn’t guarantee a car-top-touch-free result because most of my friends are shorter than me, giving them even more of a disadvantage in lifting the kayaks atop a SUV.

With the recent purchase of two additional kayaks, my husband and I thought we would secure four kayaks to our rooftop kayak rack. We succeeded in loading three for our trip to Green Lake earlier this month, but seriously, there’s no way a fourth is going to fit. And if I can barely get one kayak to the edge of the car roof, I certainly am not going to get a kayak between the racks, in the middle of the roof. Let’s just say securing the third kayak was a time-consuming hassle. Afterward, I thought to myself—so much for going kayaking with four people because I’m NEVER loading more than two!

So, as I was saying, my husband doesn’t like to see me struggling (i.e. scratching the vehicle). Therefore, this weekend he purchased a Triton LXT4 kayak trailer. Two kayaks fit on the first level—barely waist high, and two more rest about shoulder height. Loading the kayaks just got a WHOLE lot easier!

One of my kayaking goals this year was to be able to lift a kayak over my head solo so I wouldn’t have to depend on friends and neighbors to help me load the kayaks onto my vehicle. Circumstances change, and therefore, we must adapt. Instead of focusing on building my strength to lift a kayak overhead, now my focus is to drive and back a trailer full of kayaks. Game on!

5 thoughts on “No more powerlifting

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  1. Can’t wait to gently roll those kayaks onto the trailer instead of 2 feet over my head to the top of your car – ha! I am sure a few of those little scratches were from me! Kayaking ain’t always pretty. 😉


  2. Well now with your trailer you are complete. It sounds like it will be so much
    easier for you. Good thing you have a extra stall in the garage it works perfect.


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