Just relax

No strenuous exercising for a month, doctor’s orders. Whoa, that’s not my style. Every day after work, I either go for a run, take a high-intensity spin class or lift weights for an hour. It’s what I do and a big part of who I am, a fitness freak. Yes, that’s a self-proclaimed description, yet I’m sure my family and friends would agree, as well as my medical care provider, the one who told me I need to sloooow down and rest.

Two weeks down and two weeks to go. I’ve managed to fill my evenings with other “acceptable” forms of exercise: yoga, dance lessons and taking walks. Plus, this time of the year, there’s no shortage of gardening and weeding to be done. I’m hoping all that pulling, bending and squatting will help prevent the loss of my strength and endurance!

I’m also thankful to be given these orders this spring, rather than a few months ago in the cold winter months, because at least now, it’s kayaking season. Three weekends in a row, I’ve been able to hit the water with my family, friends and orange kayaks.

Kayaking is one of the best ways for me to slow down because it takes me away from the abundant household chores and never-ending yardwork. It forces me to step away from the competitiveness that drives me at the gym. It allows me to breathe in fresh air and immerse myself in nature. It gives me an opportunity to let go, have some fun and just relax.

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  1. Being able to relax IS a blessing and a necessity with our busy lives. You describe it so well and your photos make me exhale…..ahhhhh!


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