Thousands of lakes to go…

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to explore many new bodies of water in my two orange kayaks.

There’s certainly no shortage of lakes to choose from in Wisconsin. In fact, my home state boasts over 15,000 freshwater lakes—of which I’ve paddled 20 or just over .001% so far. In addition, Wisconsin has 12,600 rivers and streams meandering their way through 84,000 miles of varying terrain, 1,600 miles of which are designated as outstanding resource waters, providing outstanding recreational opportunities—like kayaking.

So much water, so little time!

Many friends have been helpful in suggesting new waterways, including my friends Jill and Chris, who recently accompanied Greg and me for a few hours of paddling on a couple of lakes in Waukesha County.

The four of us met in Mukwanago at Eagle Springs Lake, putting in our kayaks at the public boat launch near the Eagle Spring Pub. We enjoyed a relaxed paddled along the west side of the lake, surrounded by the sounds and sights of summer lake life…

Speed boats pulling screaming kids on inner tubes.

Wakeboarders jumping the bubbly wakes.

Sweaty bodies cooling off in the water.

Wave runners roaring and racing alongside the boats.

Water skiers slicing through the waves.

An elderly gentleman watching the action from his shaded porch.

As we paddled southward, we caught up on the news from the many months since we’d last hung out together. Greg and Chris, friends since high school, pulled far ahead of us ladies, talking about whatever guys talk about. Meanwhile, Jill and I talked about our kids and jobs, eating and exercise, and anything else that came to mind.

On the south side of the lake, we made our way through the LuLu Lake State Natural Area, a path through the tall, wispy cattails and waterlilies.

I admired Jill’s kayak, a blue pedal-driven Native Slayer Propel 10 watercraft, its elevated seating designed for comfortable transitions between standing and sitting—perfect for when Jill goes fishing. Jill was able to easily drop the rudder into the water when she was tired of paddling and wanted to pedal instead.

After a lengthy tour through the reeds, we emerged onto LuLu Lake, a small 95-acre lake.

A steady stream of boats passed us as they made their way to a popular gathering spot along the northeast shore. You could see and hear summer in the air…

A cluster of boats gathering on a sandbar.

Country music playing from passing pontoons.

Children splashing in the shallow area of the lake.

Dogs barking as they chased frisbees and shook their wet fur.

Fellow kayakers gliding across the water.

Women floating in inflatable water chairs, drinks in-hand.

We paddled to the far side, the less populated area of the lake and floated lazily for a while before heading back the way we had come. Once to shore, I took the pedal-driven kayak for a quick spin, and then we refueled with good food at the pub.

A day like this—filled with sunshine and friendship—is good for the soul. Once again, I’m thankful for such good friends and for our shared joy of kayaking that gives us yet another reason to spend time together.

6 thoughts on “Thousands of lakes to go…

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  1. We need to make sure we get together more frequently, hopefully kayaking other lakes in the SE Wisconsin area next season!


  2. Wow yet another kind of kayak. Jill’s kayak looks interesting. How great that
    Greg & Chris have kept in touch all these years. Now the four of you can
    add more lakes to your list. Reading your statistics about all the lakes & rivers in WI was really interesting.


    1. I never knew there were so many lakes and rivers in Wisconsin. I’ve enjoyed all of them so far! We’re going to kayak the Baraboo River this weekend, weather permitting.


    1. It was such a perfect summer day! I remember all the activity of people enjoying the lake but also a sense of peace that comes from being on the water. Let us know when you’re free again!


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