Cleaning time

After a couple of recent river trips, my kayaks displayed evidence of our tough exits up muddy banks. Hardened dirt caked the bottoms and streaked the sides. While we wiped down the kayaks as best as we could before loading them on the trailer for the ride home, they were due for a good cleaning.

I spent a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago spraying down my kayaks, scrubbing them with hot soapy water, sponging out the insides—and making them look new again. It’s the least I could do as payback for all the joy they’ve brought me this season.

Washing the kayaks was not intended to be preparation for winter storage; however, my possible paddling days are dwindling. Now that it’s October, the days are shorter with not enough daylight after work for an evening outing. The weather has been uncooperative the past couple of weekends with rain, gusty winds and chilly temperatures. A high temperature of 41 degrees this past Sunday, I preferred to curl up in a blanket with some hot tea rather than play outside! And now through the end of the month, I have other weekend commitments.

I’ve never kayaked in November, yet my experience with Wisconsin weather makes it seem unlikely. Never say never, but my kayaks may not be seeing any more water until the spring!

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