Breaking free of quarantine

Staying home for more than two months this year has certainly been a unique (and hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime) circumstance, but personally, my experience has been positive and productive. First, I get to work from home, eliminating my commute and daily parking expenses. I start my day a little later, so I’m rested and relaxed. I’ve avoided public places and, fortunately, stayed healthy.

Next, the interior of my house is freshly painted, and every closet, cupboard and drawer has been cleaned and organized. My garden was planted by mid-May and most of the yard projects are completed. I’ve read several good books and competed in numerous games of Scrabble and online euchre.  

In addition, I’m saving money by not shopping for new spring clothes or summer shoes since I’m not going anywhere and am living comfortably in yoga pants (and shorts on warm days).

These are all good outcomes, right? But could I go on like this forever? Definitely not.

The largest drawback of staying home for two months has been missing time with my friends. Enough is enough, and we’ve finally started to get together again. We’re still trying to be safe, keeping our distance and staying outdoors for the most part.

In addition to bean bags and bonfires, I’ve met friends a few times for kayaking excursions. This past weekend was especially rewarding!

On Saturday, I spent four hours on Mirror Lake with two friends, Nicki and Hailey, as a birthday getaway for Hailey. The natural beauty of the Baraboo bluffs combined with blue skies and sunshine, fresh air and friendship—we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and enjoyable day.

The crew moving from the lake toward Maunesha River.

On Sunday, I joined six friends for a two-hour jaunt from Marshall Millpond up the Maunesha River. (Thanks to Bill and Maggie for organizing the trip and for bringing along Jan, Susan and Steve. Jenny and I enjoyed your company!) This crew pushed a little farther upriver than my husband and I did on our recent visit, but when there were more fallen trees than open river, we turned around and headed back downstream. Steve unexpectedly tested out the lake water for us, noting it wasn’t as cold as one might think for May!

The best part about kayaking is spending time with friends, and in a time when we’re not supposed to get too close or touch or breathe on each other, it provides a great way to be together, relaxing and visiting safely. We can paddle, float, chat and forget about the rest of the world for a little while, focusing on the steady stroke of our paddles in the water moving us forward to new adventures and better times.

Mama goose and her goslings floating on Mirror Lake.
This turtle was enjoying the sunshine, too!
These two wood ducks on Mirror Lake didn’t appreciate us interrupting their peace.
Here we go, moving up the Maunesha River.
The river was beautiful under the canopy of trees.
Bill and Jenny move swiftly down the river.

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  1. Looks like your doing a great job of making up for lost time! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you one of these days on the water.


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