Taking time to float

Sunny, 80 degrees and almost no breeze—this summer day is too perfect to stay home. Greg and I launch our kayaks on the north side of Lake Mendota.

The lake is flat, the only waves caused by the parade of boats motoring through the no-wake zone toward open waters. It’s rare to find this big lake so calm.

A great day to paddle, I’m motivated to skirt along the west shoreline and venture farther than we’ve ever paddled before.

But Greg is tired. He says his shoulder is sore. He’s not in the mood for a long paddle.

We paddle slowly ahead, then we float. Proceed along the shoreline, then float. Stop for lunch, then float. Paddle onward and float.

I have to change my mindset. It’s not a race or a test to see how far I can go. Today, it’s about rest and enjoyment, listening to the sounds of the lake, soaking up the summer sun.

My life is often like this paddle, where I feel I have to go, go, go, work quickly, move constantly, do more.

I need to give myself permission to slow down, breathe, rest.

I have to remind myself, it’s okay to float.

7 thoughts on “Taking time to float

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  1. The only thing missing from the “paddle” was my cooler of beverages…Now if I was paddling on Rock Lake 🙂


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