Exploring Door County with a Cave Point Kayak Tour

Ever kayaked in a cave? I hadn’t until this past weekend in Door County. The waves crashing against the jagged rocks inside the cave were unnerving!

Greg and I were attending a wedding in Door County on Saturday, so we headed up a day early to enjoy this beautiful region in “the left thumb” of Wisconsin, the small land mass projecting into Lake Michigan and Green Bay from the east-central side of the state. Less than three hours from Madison, we asked ourselves why we don’t go there more often. Door County has sandy beaches, miles of hiking trails and bike paths, quaint shops and abundant restaurants, offering all kinds of ways to relax and have fun.

On our drive north, I called Door County Kayak Company in Jacksonport and made an afternoon reservation for the Cave Point County Park Kayak Tour. We arrived into town shortly before our 3 p.m. departure time. Our group consisted of 10 guests and our guide, Miles, in four tandem kayaks and three singles.

According to Miles, the waves were much calmer when we left shore than during his two earlier tours on Friday. The turquoise water was crystal clear as we made our way from Schauer Park south toward Cave Point.

One person in our group tipped over in his kayak early in the trip. The water is typically in the high 60s in July and August, not making swimming enjoyable by my standards, but surely refreshing! Luckily, Miles was to the rescue quickly and helped get this novice kayaker back into an upright kayak.

Even though the water wasn’t choppy, there were large rolling waves. We had fun bobbing up and down with the water, but were careful to keep off the shoreline where large rocks lurked in the water. Our group took a few breaks to talk and to learn about the area’s history from Miles.

Once at Cave Point, we took turns paddling into a small cave. The first ones to enter, Greg and I carefully maneuvered through the rolling waves into the small opening, careful not to hit the rock walls. Inside the cave, the tight space and echo created thunderous, crashing waves. It was much louder than I anticipated, and I was happy to propel our kayak backwards out into the open air again. Only two other kayak teams braved the cave experience.

The winds picked up on the way home as we paddled back the way we’d come into a stiff north wind. We pulled ashore as Miles’ teammates were pulling the other kayaks off the water and loading them on the trucks for the day. We had a great time and would definitely take the Cave Point tour or one like it again.

From Door County Kayak Company, Greg and I walked up the road to Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill for some Friday night fish for Greg and Mexican cuisine for me. What a fun afternoon!

And what a fun weekend… kayaking on Friday followed by a short hike Saturday morning along the beach at Whitefish Dunes State Park, a lovely wedding in the afternoon with an evening celebration, and an 18-mile bike ride on Sunday morning on the Ahnapee State Trail.

We really must make it a point to visit Door County more often!

4 thoughts on “Exploring Door County with a Cave Point Kayak Tour

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  1. You really come up with great adventures for your kayaking trips. You certainly
    had a lot of activities going on in Door County. So nice that you & Greg enjoy
    the kayaking together.


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